Monday, May 13, 2013

Miracle-Gro Garden Inspiration

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.
I recently made a cute Spring Chevron Wreath for our front porch and we have the cutest old school house desk,  but our porch is in need of more color and some plants!  My husband teases me that I don't have a green thumb at all.  I despise pulling weeds and rarely plant flowers because I just haven't had much luck in the past.  We also live in South Florida where it is SUNNY and HOT most of the time.  I need plants that will hold up to our weather and my non-green thumb!
I was contacted by Miracle-Gro to participate in The Gro Project and I thought this would be the inspiration I needed to get some gardening started.  I saw some really cute and fun garden projects that they have on their Facebook page.  I think Little Sis would love making their Toyrarium!
Since I was looking to add some fun decor to our front porch I decided to take a planter I already had on hand and paint it to match the colors of my spring wreath.  
I bought a couple of succulents,  Miracle-Grow's Moisture Control Potting Mix and Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food and headed home to get planting.   According to my research Succulelents are usually very hardy and thrive on neglect, PERFECT!
I filled the pot about half way and gently removed the plants from their containers.  (Make sure you have a pot with a drainage whole) Water the plants only when dry, if they start to shrivel give them a little water and they'll perk right back up...again my kind of plant.  

I'm loving the pop of color from the planter and I think the plants and I are going to be just fine.  Do you need some inspiration for your Gro Project?  Follow the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page HERE.

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  1. i have been using miracle grow for years and it really does make the plants grow so much better than anything else. However, I haven't used the moisture control formula for succulents because I thought they needed a drier soil. Maybe I should give it a try!


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